Empowering Recruiters with Advanced Recruitment Automation Technology

Technovich Infotech has a strategic partnership with TalentRecruit Software in Dubai and in the rest of UAE. TalentRecruit is one of the world’s most comprehensive Next-Gen Cloud-Based recruitment automation platform powered by Artificial intelligence & Machine learning.

TalentRecruit uses AI & ML driven features that enables it to understand, predict and proactively suggest the best matched candidates & rank them against various open requisitions through its Data Driven Algorithms.

TalentRecruit ATS empowers recruiters & provides tremendous value by automating and streamlining organization’s entire talent acquisition & onboarding processes. TalentRecruit’s incessant innovations ensures that it keeps adding value to its customers, resulting in:

  • Tremendous increase in recruiter’s efficiency
  • Improved candidate offer to joining ratio
  • Substantial reduction in the hiring time & hiring Cost
  • Ensuring Personalised candidate engagement
  • Increased reach to passive candidates, and much more

Highly configurable solutions to suit your recruitment process​

                                                                A comprehensive Applicant Tracking System tailor-made for your organization

                                                                       CORPORATES                               STAFFING FIRMS                               CAMPUS     

Our Recruitment Platform

Our team of highly qualified professionals at TalentRecruit have vast experience in the field of software development, artificial intelligence and machine learning. They have built a range of cutting edge, futuristic recruitment products and solutions. The product offerings include whole range of Automated Recruitment Technology and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to empower the Recruiters and the Staffing and Employment Agencies. These products are easy to use, highly customizable, configurable, reliable and resilient. They easily integrate with all types of existing HR platforms. Our competitive pricing, added with our assurance of quality and timely service makes an attractive proposition to our customers by giving them the competitive edge.

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