ERP Implementation

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Transforming Businesses Seamlessly

Manage your business expertly with TECHNOVIC INFOTECH ERP solutions. Our proven support and maintenance are 100% focused on your success. We offer a wide range of professional services, from writing APIs, to implementation, integration, and custom development. With the professional services, you can speed up implementation, boost efficiency, or deploy new business models and capabilities.

We are jubilant of our partnership with Focus and Odoo. We are the Consulting Partner with Focus while with Odoo we are ‘Ready’ partner!

We Make Sure that the ERP Realizes it’s Full Potential

Implementing a new ERP is a significant investment, and so it is vital to get it right the first time. We provide assurances to businesses to make it happen.

How we assure a successful and a measurable implementation-

  • Our consultants take a holistic approach to ERP implementation by matching business needs vs ERP features to assure that our solution aligns perfectly to the business objectives.
  • On most complex projects we collaborate  with business key users by combining their operational expertise with our technologies to deliver more value out of the ERP systems and making businesses smoother, efficient, and flexible inline to the defined objective.
  • For many businesses, the whole ERP implementation process often turns out to be a rather more time-consuming, expensive, and riskier than expected. TECHNOVIC INFOTECH’s independent ERP consulting with the following structured approach guarantees to get the project off the ground and make sure the business realizes its value at every step as our experts undertaking the end of end ownership of the implementation.

Not sure what ERP to implement and What solutions would help my business? These are a few of the general questions we come across on a regular basis. With our expertise, we sit and we understand your requirements thoroughly before recommending right ERP to you.

Change Management

How are we going to manage the ERP change, what budget do I need, what will be timeline, what impact the ERP may have on our employees,operations and customers, what kind of team do I need for a successful implementation?If such questions worry you after your have finalized the ERP ,leave them with us to manage.Our change management service will help you with managing that most critical part of the your ERP journey.

Project Management

ERP requires a significant investment so does a diligent and planned approach to ensure a timely delivery of the technical work.Our team of certified Project managers ensure a structured,industry standard Project management approach to ensure an effective planning and execution of your ERP projects.


Having a strong robust system would definitely help you in optimizing your resources but only if it is utilized at full capacity. We undertake to devise a complete training strategy and its execution with the help of the ERP vendors or by ourselves.

Business Processes Optimization

Along with the ERP implementation and configuration, we assist our clients on how best they can optimize their processes and tool to maximize the efficiency from time to time. In this fast changing digital world its critical for any business that their technological tools are tuned enough to stay ahead of the game, and this is exactly where our team can help to achieve your varying business objectives over time.

Monitoring And Support

Our dedicated teams continuously overlook the successful implementation of the ERP. And provide supports as per the client’s requirements. Our support teams are available 24*7 to assist our clients in case of any challenges or difficulties. With the successful implementation of a right ERP, an organization can optimize its entire operations, cut costs and increase productivity.