Create a Strong Presence in an Online B2B Marketplace

Launching a B2B eCommerce Business Becomes Easier and Simpler with the Right eCommerce Consulting Partner!

The landscape of B2B eCommerce is changing rapidly and millennials are playing a catalytic role in its evolution. Millennials have grown up using the Internet and consequently, millennials comprise about half of the B2B buyers around the world, according to Google. As such, B2B brands are increasingly looking for digital solutions to boost their sales and become omnipresent. With more and more B2B buyers using digital channels for research and purchase, the distinction line between B2B and B2C eCommerce is fading when it comes to online stores.

What a B2B Merchant Needs to do to survive this Tectonic Shift in B2B eCommerce

Enhancing customer experience by meeting or surpassing their expectations is the key to establishing a strong presence in the online marketplace. For that, you need to use a comprehensive set of B2B features and follow the best B2B eCommerce practices, including: 

  • A compelling and responsive website that engages prospects
  • Intuitive User Experience to encourage users to stay on your platform for longer
  • Easy Navigation and Search so that clients can easily spot what they are looking for
  • Robust Search Engine Optimization to improve your online presence

Right B2B eCommerce Strategy and Planning to address your clients’ needs, preferences and issues

Some of the key features that our B2B & B2C eCommerce solution offer

Multi-User/Multi-Ship to Company Account

Managing Complex Pricing their rules

Multiple Shipping Methods

Purchase order-based payment methods

Order Tracking

Customer & vendor section and many more

RFQ option for B2B

Sales Quotation for B2B

Discount and promotion rules

Customer Credit status Check

ERP Integration

Automated customers orders flow into ERP

Our Complete B2B eCommerce Solution

To Cater All Your B2B Business Needs

The success of a B2B business relies on finding the right B2B eCommerce Solutions. To stay relevant and in-demand, you need to offer products and services that are unique to some extent from that of your competitors. We, at Technovic Infotech, assist you in imparting a distinct and seamless B2B eCommerce experience that exceeds your business buyers’ expectations and ensure a hassle-free customer journey.

Our scope of eCommerce Solutions covers

Value added eCommerce Consulting

eCommerce B2B/B2C product

Hosting (optional)

eCommerce API Integration
with ERP APIs

Payment gateway integration

Shipping integration


Technical Support

We understand that every business is unique, and a single solution may not fit the complexities every business have, hence our eCommerce platform and ERP integration helps transforming your business operations into a more productive, agile, and flexible model.

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